Thoughts All Have When They Are Still At Work but Don’t Really Want to Work


Don’t we all have those days? Or there could be an hour of the day at work where we so don’t feel like working. There are plenty of things going on in our head. Going back home, sleeping, food, planning for dinner, planning for the coming weekend, your pet, chocolate or mostly coffee and so on.

Guilty of distractions

You open a new tab for a quick peek for updates on social media and yes you get trapped. Perhaps you start browsing to get updates on latest songs but travel back in time and start watching all 90’s pop videos on auto play. You have to constantly remind yourself to get back to doing what you were doing and finish up with some work.

I am so hungry

Before even the day starts you start feeling hungry! Maybe you skipped breakfast. But even if you did eat, the feeling of hunger is inevitable. And you are only fine for an hour or so after the lunch break. It is so tough to carry on with work when you are craving badly for those chocolate donuts, cookies or spicy samosas.

I am so sleepy

There is no use of trying to find the reason of why you feel so sleepy during work because there are endless reasons. Sometimes with loads of work sleep irritates us while working and you start counting how many hours of sleep you had the night before. You start blaming food items for making you so sleepy. And when you are bored with less work and sleepy all you can think about is your sweet, sweet bed waiting for you at home.

Run away plan

You start planning for trips when you start feeling you are caught in a regular cycle of work. You plan for a far away vacation, but your bank balance doesn’t agree with you. Then you end up settling for a short trip. Anything that makes you feel you will be away from work for a few days.

Time passes oh so slow

You look at the watch and it is 4.30pm you continue working for what feels like an eternity and look back at your watch and it shows 4.35pm. The misery continues till it’s time to actually leave from work and even the last minute feels like an hour.

Gets all kinds of doubts

Is this the right career path I chose? Is this the right job for my career? You even start searching for another job. Then come across inspirational and motivational sites or quotes through social media. You starting believing in your path and yourself and realize there is still time before you get that sweet success.

I am barely finished with any work!

You are sometimes caught up watching cute animal videos. And by the end of the day realize you have barely done anything or touched few of the assignments. This is the time you start working vigorously and become unstoppable.

Oh, I somehow survived one more day!

While your day at work is ending you get feelings of achievement. You feel like treating yourself to that overpriced coffee or something special for dessert. You enjoy some empowering songs.