This is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk tackle their busy days


Bill Gates and Elon Musk are two of the biggest names in tech. In 1975, Bill cofounded Microsoft, helping to spark the PC revolution. Now his prime focus is on philanthropy, and he gives most of his time there.

Elon Musk had founded PayPal and currently he is splitting his week traveling between Tesla and SpaceX.

Both the men have one habit in common that has helped them navigate their jam packed schedules: They do plannings at all moments of their day.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk both are said to adhere to schedules which have been divided into five minute slots.

Have you thought of the reason for this intricate planning? Well, for one, breaking your day up into little segments can help boost the productivity.

In addition to that, this kind of intensive scheduling helps keeping a person accountable. It is presumed that when you’re planning things down to the minute, you should set aside a specific time to relax and recharge. You can not just doze off for an hour, that is 12 schedule slots down the drain.

Pulling together a segmented schedule can be helpful even for those of us who are not running a giant philanthropic Organisation or an innovative tech company. You are not required to cut off your day up into five minute slices, either.

There are a plenty of diverse schedule structures. One just has to find that what is right for you.