Things You Wish Were Taught In School


Education has been essential for all. The things we learn in school are not all completely worthless, however; there are still a certain few things that everyone wishes were taught in school.

Almost all will agree to the fact that the things we learned in school don’t really add much value to our lives as we enter the real world.

Here are a few things that will make you wonder why they aren’t teaching this in schools.

Setting Goals

Goals are so important in life and in every stage of it. We knew we had to score well but how to go about the good scores in the future were not taught. How to effectively set goals and prepare for it in order to achieve them were never explained. Thus, many fail to understand the importance of goals and how to set them to achieve things and be successful in life.

Mistakes Are Okay

We were always scolded for our mistakes and were told that we were wrong. There was always a correct answer to a question and we could not be mistaken. This gets carried from the young age to adult life when we are unable to take big steps and important decisions just because we are dubious of making mistake and failing.

The successful people in the world are the ones who learned from their mistakes. They made many and learned plenty to then help them reach where they are today. Mistakes happen to make you improve and not because you are wrong or meant to fail.

The 80/20 rule

80% of the value from all the tasks you have in hand will come from just the 20% of those tasks. You need to understand which tasks bring value to your life and eliminate the rest.


Taxes are so important especially in the times where most of the people are going self-employed and not having enough knowledge about taxes. It would have been appropriate and farsighted for schools to cover taxes.

Parkinson’s Law

One might take this as common sense; however, Parkinson’s Law asserts that the more time someone gives themselves to get done with a task the longer it will take.

When you say, I’ll complete that the next week, you are sure not to complete it in the next month. When you think I’ll complete it in the next hour, you are sure to complete it within half an hour. The less time you give yourself to get done with something the more quickly you get it done.

Balancing Study-Work-Personal Life

We were and even the kids these days are being sent home with loads of homework to be completed. The stress builds up when one has to manage study and personal life. School should be responsible for demonstrating students how to reduce stress by balancing homework and fun.

Efficient Multi-tasking

Routine tasks can get boring. Learning how to combine two tasks to efficiently complete both on time is a habit one must have learned in school.

Doing two or three things that require little or no brain activity can efficiently help in multi-tasking. At the same time, working on a no-brainer task with one that requires brain activity can also help in high productivity.

Speed Read

We needed someone to make us understand how to speed read while being able to effectively process the information.

Being Proactive

You are always reacting to situations but are not proactive about it. If you believe someone else is going to come to take care of things for you then you are mistaken and should take proactive steps. Children should be taught in school that we must start taking more actions towards the study pattern, exam preparation etc.

Money Management

It is an essential part of life that should be taken care of during the early stages of everyone’s life. It is a vital skill to learn. We weren’t taught how to spend or save or how to not fall into debt.