Things You Should Not Do Before Work


Your weekday mornings don’t have to be hard. Your before work routine plays a key role in determining how you start off your day. When you avoid certain bad habits before you step out for work it will set you on the right course for the day.

Let us take a look at the things you should not do before you go to work.

Avoid the temptation to hit the snooze button

Those extra minutes of sleep will only leave you to feel drowsier and can also be the reason you get late for work. You should strive to sleep earlier and avoid hitting the snooze button.

Avoid checking your emails

Checking social media or emails will make you feel upset about the unanswered work emails or messages before you even get to the office. It can start off as a negative beginning of your day.

Avoid showering in the morning

Cold showers can wake us up but we all rather take a warm shower and the relaxing feeling you get from it causes all the problem. It relaxes your muscles and your heart rate slows down and you end up feeling more tired.

Avoid rummaging through your closet

Always know what you will wear the next morning the night before. Don’t add chaos to your morning by not picking up an outfit you would like to wear the next day. Planning outfits are ideal to look refined for work. So might need to check the details like ironing the night before you plan to wear a piece of clothing.

Don’t brush your teeth after you eat

Brushing teeth after you have your breakfast can push sugars to the surface of your teeth and erode your enamel. You should brush before having breakfast or after waking up which will be better for your mouth and stomach.

Don’t leave when there’s just enough time

Never leave for office with just enough time to make it to your workplace. You should give yourself some cushion time considering any mishaps to allow your morning to go smoothly.