Things You Should Do If You Smell Really Bad


Doesn’t matter kind of person you are, a particularly clean one or a messy fellow everybody is affected by bad odors. You cannot stop yourself from sweating. The function of course of the sweat glands is to discharge salty liquids however you can eliminate the odor causing bacteria.

Here are few things you can do daily to make sure you don’t stink anymore.

The things that go into your stomach cause sweat odor

Spicy, processed food, garlic, cauliflower, onion, and cabbage are few mediums that cause body odor. You can eat more of spinach, kale, pepper, cucumber, and carrots. Add more veggies to your morning breakfast. Fish is also a brilliant option but avoid going overboard. If possible quit caffeine.

Apply antiperspirant deodorant

It is the best to apply an antiperspirant before sleeping than post your morning shower. The main reason is that it works best when you are not sweating. Antiperspirants also help prevent excessive sweating.

Take care of your clothes

You should make use of baking soda and vinegar for your clothes washing. Drop little vinegar while preparing to wash your clothes in a washing machine and you may add baking soda when the rinse cycle begins. You can rinse it again if you feel the vinegar smell is strong and lingering.

Groom your underarms

Trimming your underarms helps reduce the body odor. The porous strands absorb the stink caused by sweat, so it is best to shave them.

Apply tree tea oil

You probably are aware that your feet, forehead, hands, and armpits are the sweatiest part of your body. So you should start applying tea tree oil in these areas. It is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic which kills bacteria that causes body odor. You can apply it to mix two drops of tea tree oil in two tablespoons of water.

Start wearing breathable fabrics

For the everyday use, you should start wearing natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk to let your skin breathe and drive moisture and humidity away.

Take regular showers

You should start using anti bacterial variants instead of body washes and soaps. It will be more beneficial to include a body scrub in your bath routine.

(Photo credit: Business Insider, Askmen)