Things you can do in everyday life to get smarter


Every person is special in some or the other way. Some are book smart whereas some are street smart. These days’ employers are not looking for employees who have bookish knowledge but people who are quick and smart in decision making. Check out these simple habits which would help you develop a smarter personality.

Start solving mathematics questions:

When you are in continuous practice of solving mathematic questions then that means you are working your brain out and when your brain starts working it means you are smart enough. Therefore solving mathematic problems should be included in your daily routine and develop your brain.

Travel to Places:

One should travel from place to place as it gives you a brighter side of life. It helps in discovering new places and getting knowledge about several traditions and cultures which were unknown to you. Usually people who do not travel much are considered dull. Therefore travelling should be one of the habits in a person. Even if you don’t travel to different states and countries, try taking public convenience which would surely make you street smart.

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Do not feel shy to ask where you were at fault:

It takes a lot of efforts to talk about your mistakes and apologize for it, but it is necessary to know where you were wrong and try improving. Whenever you have a doubt in your head its good to clear it and work accordingly as it would save time and effort. Correcting your mistakes would automatically lead you to a smarter self.

Learn at least 5 new words everyday:

Learning lessons or subjects must be a tough task to do therefore you can learn 5 words every day which would be easier for you. Starting with small things and then growing day by day is the right way for a beginner. This would not only improve your vocabulary but also bring confidence.

Practice meditation:

Meditation helps you concentrate and gather all the thoughts in a peaceful manner. If your mind is not at peace you would not be able to think smart and be smarter. Therefore learn to channelize your thoughts in a proper way.

Try Debating with people around you on various topics:

Debating is certainly the best way to become smart and active. When you watch people debating or you yourself involve into a debate you gain knowledge and the confidence to prove your points right. Therefore learning the art of debating is the foremost thing to do.

Exercise daily:

Exercising will make you fit and smarter and will also give you confidence. When a person looks smart, he feels smart, and when he feels smart, he automatically becomes smarter.

Try interacting with the people who are smarter than you:

If you wish to become smart, then you should have an atmosphere which would help you grow smart. When you stay between people who are less intelligent from you then you do not feel that competition and therefore you don’t put efforts in becoming smarter. But when you are interacting with people who are smarter, you also learn from them and slowly you will also start thinking like them.

There are very easy to do things and practicing these would help you win your goal. And not to forget, any company or organization would always prefer a confident and a smarter person on board. Working harder would give you better results.