Things Women Notice About Men in the First Sight


For a fact love, at first sight, is not real, but women’s observational skills are. A woman notices everything from a speck of dust on your shoulder to the color of your shoes. She will notice things the moment you catch her first sight.

Here are the things women definitely notice in the first sight of men so that you can be a little mindful the next time you see her.


It can be because it is the topmost feature and maybe because of the way you style it. Hair is a first thing a woman would notice in a man. It could be because you have a great mane or lack of it but don’t think it could be negative. It is just a simple observation she makes.


Some people have the infectious energy around them that makes everyone want to gawk at them and be friends with them but some rather have a negative vibe that makes people avoid you like a plague. Some have a charismatic appeal that is very low key but really present and women are quick to catch any of the vibes.

Color of the shirt/t-shirt

No matter what kind of style of shirt or t-shirt you are wearing the color definitely catches a women’s attention. White looks more businessy and dark blue follows. Black is a very basic hue but it stands out even colors like, light blue, green and pink.

The pant fittings

It may sound ridiculous but the truth is women instinctively notices the fittings of your pants. This is to do with the kind of personality you have and the attitude it reflects. Skinny fitted jeans may make you look like a douche. A pair of well-fitted jeans reflects modest personality but shows you are worth a lot simultaneously. Baggy jeans make a guy look reckless, laidback.

Hand movements

How you hold the door when you are walking in, way you pull out a chair to sit, movement of your hands when you walk if it sways or doesn’t at all is all noticed by women. They even notice the way your hands and sculpted even your arms and forearms; the amount of hair you have, the color of your skin etc.


If you are tall, are you hunching or not or if your average height and you glide through or if your shoulders slump women take notice of all. Women really love shoulders and broad frames. If your shoulders are frail and thin it shows you aren’t strong enough physically and mentally. If someone is too muscular, women consider them as a show-off. With shoulders of the right amount of edginess, women find it masculine enough.


The color of your eyes whether it is light colored or dark everything is noticed immediately by women. Your eyes also give out details about you like if you are intense, jovial or just overconfident.

Response pattern

It is beyond the talk and topic of conversation. Women observe they way you respond, how you introduce yourself, how you respond to the awkward statement if you get flustered defensive or are aloof.

Lip movement

How your lips curve when you smirk, smile or talk. How you purse them while listening, the lip color and the way they flush from biting. It gives women a little idea of what you are about to respond with or talk about.

(Photo credit: Life & Style, Giphy, Pinterest)