Things Only the Wise Would Do


The way we act and behave in certain situations and with people in our society determines if we are smart or dumb. We may have been making some mistakes and if are able to identify them soon enough we can totally learn to be better. If you already follow the rule of wise then maybe you can affirm that you are doing right. If not maybe you should start using these wise steps in life in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life the smart way.

Here are certain things you should do to help you stay on the path of wisdom and be like the wise around you.

Speak when it is required or you may sound like a fool. Take time to think and reflect. Know your facts before you open your mouth. 

Never end up in an argument with a stubborn person. It is a waste of time and energy and very insignificant.

If you plan on doing something for someone, do it selflessly. When you help someone it should be without any selfish motives, if you keep reminding them of your favor, your help will lose its worth.

Never over-promise if you cannot keep your word and under deliver. It is better to not keep any hopes up and over deliver.

Don’t go buying things which are over your budget. You will only savor those things when you feel financially free.

When you see someone in need don’t hesitate to be the first one to help.

Don’t go about sharing your plans with others as it sets you back.

Avoid sharing secrets from your personal life with people who don’t belong there.

When in doubt, just ask.

Never insult anyone. Control the way you feel always.

Avoid sharing how much you earn with people as it brings everyone’s attention to your money.

Be smart and never share your passwords, pin numbers to anyone.

Don’t make excuses but make better plans.

Say no when you feel like it. Nothing should stop you from achieving for what you are set forth in life. Build your priorities and never bargain.

When you are guilty of a mistake don’t hold back and take the blame and responsibility for it. A strong person and leader is always a responsible and wise person.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, portofpeacecounseling, quotefancy, brainyquote)