Things Men Should Stop Doing To Their Hair That Makes Scalp Oily


Almost all men are seen fixing their hair whenever they see a mirror. It is a reflex and they touch their hair to proper their hair style. However, when men do so they unintentionally make their hair greasy. Further more such habits make the scalp oily.

Here are few things that men do that make their scalp oily.

Washing hair with hot water

Surely it is difficult to wash during winters with cold water however hot water can damage your hair roots. Hot water can dry your scalp which triggers the sebaceous glands to produce oil vigorously.

Washing hair daily

Cleaning your hair every day is good how frequent wash can make your scalp dry as well. And in the long run, it makes your scalp oilier.

Excess use of conditioner

A little amount of conditioner is enough to be effective. Excess usage of it turns hair greasy.

Using many styling products

To style hair differently, you make use of different styling products however these products contain chemicals. Too much of chemical usage is bound to make your hair greasy.

Using dirty hair combs

Over the time your hair combs or brushes are bound to get oilier and dirtier. And when you make use of the same comb or brush it will obviously turn your scalp and hair oily. So make it a habit of cleaning your hair combs or brushes regularly.

Touching hair often

You should stop yourself from touching your hair often. You transfer the sweat and oil from your hands to the hair making your scalp oily.

Make use of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo will suck up oil from your scalp making your hair appear less oily. Dry shampoo also allows you to spend more time between washes. This also helps in preventing hair and scalp to become too oily in the long run.

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