Things Men Do Before Going to a Date


The anticipation before a date has a mixture of feelings for a guy. Men too get butterflies, they have the buzz of excitement and the possibility of ‘the one’ lingers. But before the big date, you have to be ready in the perfect manner.

You have cleaning work to get done, clipping, and then comes sweating, stressing and even doing some research. Yes, men go to great lengths to be their women’s Prince Charming, even if it means for one evening. But some of the weird things that men do are really fun to know, can be exhausting and even worst borderline psychotic.

Buying new undies

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men purchase underwear in anticipation of a date. It is one of the top three expenditures men are willing to make for the date.

Cram a workout

A pre-date gym can boost self-image and create a good self-image which leads to being more confident. Confidence brings in comfort and being comfortable leads to a good date. But if you are someone who has never or taken a long break from gym cramming in a workout session or going hard on your muscles can lead to injury or crippling soreness.

Involving in a little manual labour

Another pre-date ritual involves the practice of pleasuring oneself prior to a possible romantic encounter. It may not be so weird after all. Experts in the field of sex research such as Debby Herbenick once wrote that masturbation is also linked with a lower risk of prostate cancer and also is a great way in initiating a conversation with the partner about mutual pleasure.

Trying to smell like her dad

This could be the strangest practice on the list. But the fact that a guy even thought to find out the girl’s dad’s cologne before a date and wear it to smell familiar is borderline psychotic. The science behind it according to Unversity of Chicago is that women unwittingly like the smell of men who have similar genes as their fathers.

Clearing their digital history

It is a purely anecdotal claim but according to a confession, a guy made he did a digital sweep before going on a date. You can say that this man could be shady but do other men do this too? But would you ever date someone who has rifled through your text history the first time you met?

They become amateur private investigators

This is another odd admission, which can be true as far as online dating is concerned. You could get catfished but trying to spy and assuming things by scrolling someone’s social media can do you no good.

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