Things to Look Out For That You May Regret In 15 Years


The thing that you should fear the most in life has to be regret. It can drive you insane. In the age of 25 to 40, you will have to inevitably face the consequences of your actions in the past. But nobody comes with a guide on what you should do in life and what you should avoid. Yet here is a list of common and the most soul-crushing regrets people have had during the lifetime.

Sticking with a job you hate.

Letting others make decisions for you or letting fear drive your decisions.

Making excuses all the time rather coming up with a better plan.

Not being as active as you can.

Always dreaming yet not taking enough actions.

Being in a destructive relationship.

Not being there for your loved ones as much as you should have

Having an unhealthy lifestyle that is taking a toll on your health

Wasting your time and energy on worrying

Settling for something less than what you deserve

Giving up on something before giving it your full potential, a task you think you can do.

YOLO! But you fail to conquer your fears

Not managing your life well and letting your unorganized schedule stress you forever

Backing away from taking necessary responsibilities

Not being happy at the moment or with what you already have

Not nurturing loyal relationships, putting less effort into doing enough for the right people in your life

Not learning new things because you don’t have time

Not saving up enough to live a life of luxuries or at least, live a stress-free life.

Losing your calm and hurting or disrespecting someone but not apologizing for it

Not taking enough and calculative risks.

Not saying no and concentrating on your priorities.

Considering yourself as less capable of something or doing something.

Always whining about your situation

Spending most of the time working and not socializing

Being too practical and not exploring the power of your imagination and possibilities.

Not following your dream career to just play it safe

Spending time with negative people or even losers

Not giving time to thing you enjoy travel, writing or leisure