Things to Keep In Mind While Buying a Watch


Buying watches is not an easy task. However, every man needs a chopping block on his wrists. If only he could easily choose the best piece every man would proudly sport his watch.

Here are few things to consider while buying a watch.


If money is not a matter to you then you have a world of brands to choose from. But if you are looking for something under a budget the brand you should choose will completely depend on your budget, which is true of most of our purchases. There are brands on the entry level, mid level, high end and then the luxury brands.

You can go for a brand considering what you are willing to invest in and watches aren’t an expense they are your investment. It always better to choose for one branded watch compared to other 10 nondurable pieces.

The Band

There are broad types of watch bands. There are leather bands like simple leather bands, alligator, crocodile or metal bands made of precious metals or stainless steel etc. Your choice, of course, depends on what you prefer and things like what you will wear it with or if it is for your daily wear. Leather bands are dressier than metal bands however it all comes down to how elaborate the band really is.

Analog or Digital

This is something that depends completely on your tastes and watches use. Analog watches have a dial with hour and minute hands with numbers or markers or Roman numbers indicating the time. Digital watches have LED display showing you time numerically.

To make a choice usually analog watches are considered as formal and digital watches are sporty and casual. Digital watches can be bought when you need one for sports. Analog watches, however, are something you should stick for most of the other occasions.

The Dial

You can determine the size and weight of the dial according to your body type. Standard dials would look feminine on a heavy set man. Go for a bulkier watch instead. With an average build, the standard dial should work. However experimenting is not limited and anyone can try the bulkier dial.


The case is the structure of the watch. You will find analog watches with metal cases that are made of titanium, silver or gold, platinum or steel. Some frames have embedded jewels or embossed finishes that are patterned. Some may have either a shiny or matte finish.


The gold watches are for the day. They match brilliantly with earthy tones like brown, tans, beige, warm gray or greens. Your evening watch can be a silver watch. They go perfectly well with black, blues, all shades of gray and silver.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, Aliexpress)