Things You Should Avoid Doing after You Oil Your Hair


Everybody knows about the importance of oiling hair regularly. Oiling promotes hair growth and deeply nourishes your scalp preventing infection and bacteria. However, there are few mistakes most commit after they oil their hair hindering any benefits to it.

Here is the list of things you should avoid after oiling your hair.

Avoid combing hair right after oiling

Never comb your hair after you oil your hair. It is because your hair is more fragile once oiled and your scalp is relaxed. If you comb your hair roughly then it’ll cause hair breakage and loss. So if you still want to comb your hair start from the tips all the way to the top gently. This will ensure that the oil spread evenly on your scalp and strands and removes tangles.

Avoid washing hair as soon as you apply oil

After applying oil to your mane leave it for ideally an hour before washing it off. Let it penetrate into your scalp and allow the follicles to soak it. This will help nourish your hair better.

Avoid keeping oil on your hair overnight

Leaving the oil on your head overnight will make your hair greasy and sticky. Greasy is more prone to dirt and mixes with your scalp’s natural oil. Thus, don’t overdo leaving oil on hair.

Avoid lying down immediately

Oil sticks to your hair and so even after washing your hair wiping your hair locks can cause it to stain your sheets or clothes. So after you wash your oil drenched hair you should shampoo, condition, dry and wipe your hair strands.

Don’t apply oil excessively

After you have applied oil generously onto your hair there is no need to apply more. Using too much of oil will make you use more of shampoo to wash it off which will shed your hair’s natural protective oils and moisture. This will cause further hair drying and will give it a dull and damaged look.

Avoid tying your hair up

Oiled hair is more vulnerable and if you tie your hair up it builds pressure and breaks your hair strands. This will cause high hair fall and develops more split ends.

Avoid using towels on your hair

If you are not gentle the rough towels may cause your hair to break. Wrap your hair locks in a cotton t-shirt to help the oil penetrate better. This will also prevent your hair from staining your clothes and avoid damage.

Avoid using another hair product

Don’t use any other products after you have oiled your hair. Most of the styling products contain chemicals which could ruin your hair texture. Avoid mixing any other hair care product with hair oil.

Don’t go overboard with the massage

Too much of anything should be avoided. Massaging for hours may cause your hair to break or weaken your hair locks and damage its textures, giving rise to more knots.

Avoid washing your hair carelessly

Make use of mild shampoo and lukewarm water while washing. Don’t over shampoo your hair.

(Photo Credit: apple juice chronicles, be beautiful)