These facts prove that success comes from breaking rules


Being on a safer side people agree to sayings like scheduling work systematically and practicing leads to success. But the fact is it does not work all the time. Here are a few facts which would prove that breaking rules can lead to success.

It may seem insane when you say that breaking rules can bring success, but the studies have proved this theory.

Don’t just talk when asked

It is very important for you to talk and convey your values towards work. The less you speak the more you enable people to speak about your character. Therefore break the rules and speak up about your thoughts, suggestions and remarks. As, if you don’t do so, people would take you for granted and won’t consider you important.

The grass remains greener where you water it

If you are stressed out due to the outcomes you are facing in your profession or life, don’t sit back, instead get up and discover what’s going wrong. If still stuck? Go ahead and jump of your boundary wall to test the grass on the other side which is greener than yours. Break the rules and go ahead for better opportunities.

Yess! Have it all

If you think you can’t have it all, then you are just de-motivating yourself. Instead you need to tell yourself that you can have everything you want. There is nothing which is impossible. Break the rules and have it all. Once you are done with your first goal try achieving the other and continue doing it.

Don’t spend much time at office

We are living in the 21st century and we are all liable to break rules. The rule which said that investing more amount of energy at work would give more productivity is now invaluable. When you give all your energy on work, you are left with nothing. Rather spending more time at work place, try completing all your work with in time. This would save your time as well as your energy. 

Nothing is free

Whatever you have to offer your clients should have some genuine value. As much value your free-bee holds to your customers the more they will prefer contributing their well deserved money with you by buying more items or services from you.

The three course meal system

Specialists said that 3 time meal is necessary, but it’s just a myth. Break the rule and start having food when actually you want to.

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Multitasking is not for successful people

Multitasking should be avoided as it brings confusion in one’s head. Brain always supports the new data over the old and hence causes confusion in doing both the jobs. Therefore break the rule of multitasking and start working for things individually.