These Deep learning Tips No one ever Taught You!


Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, Wright Brothers, James Watt, Ernest Hemingway, And Rabindranath Tagore are people who we always remember, but do you know these people are self taught? Yes! They didn’t rely on their prospective schools. They studied all on their own and hence such people are called autodidacts. Check out these things which can radically change the way you learn things.

The testing effect:-

This technique is the best for long term memory. Often with the help of retrieving knowledge you once learned. This improvement in knowledge with the help of test taking is called testing effect. It helps in Strengthening and stabilising the related neural patterns in the brain.

Next time when you have to learn something, try remembering different points you have learned and then revise.

The Einstellung effect:

It is a kind of mindset which is restricted to a repeated use of true and tried strategies to solve a problem. It just stops your brain from working on it’s own and reduces creativity while making Solutions.

The Hard Start Jump to Easy Technique:

Kids are suggested to solve the easier questions first so that you don’t get demoralised at the start phase of the test. Rather start with a difficult one and when you get stuck then switch to the easier one. Then after solving it switch back to the difficult one. This will help you activate your brain and make it work well.

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The memory palace technique:

Di you remember Benedict Cumberbatch, using the mind palace technique to store a lot of information in your head.

The Feynman Technique:

This Technique has been named after Richard Feynman, a physicist who is a Nobel Price winner. Remember when you used to teach someone you got your concepts well.

Follow these steps-

Choose a topic and pretend as if you are teaching it to someone.

When you get stuck go back take reference. Simplify the concept and the language while making analogies to grasp the concept better.

The Pomodoro Technique:

This Technique is used to focus all your attention over a short period of time. Traditionally time taken is 25 minutes to learn.