These Are the Signs of a Healthy Body


Who doesn’t want to be as healthy as possible? And everyone wants to assess their own health outside the doctor’s office. But there is a massive conflicting information out there. The variety of opinions of what a good health is may not line up in agreement. And let’s not even get started about what a good diet consists of.

Here is an attempt to bring down few solid information on signs of a healthy body.

Lustrous long hair

Healthy hair indicates a healthy body. Brittle, dry and thinning hair can be signs of something wrong with your body, perhaps stress, hypothyroidism or nutrient malabsorption.

Strong nails

You can say your answer to the finding of your health is right at your very fingertips. Your nails happen to be a reflection of your health. Things can happen to your nails that might indicate systematic or skin problems. A pink nail bed without lines or discolorations, strong nails without lines or weakness are all signs of good health. However, if your nails have whiteness or brown marks in the nail bed it is a sign of something amiss.

Healthy teeth and gums

Oral health is another major barometer of health and wellness. Strong teeth, healthy and pink gums are major parts of proper oral hygiene and overall health.

Waist circumference

BMI which is Body Mass Index is actually falling out of favor as a way of measuring healthy body. In recent years the objections and detractors have increased. These days physicians are more inclined towards waist circumference health indicator.

Recent studies have shown that fat accumulation around the abdomen area poses a great threat to the body. Even with people who were not considered to be overweight, a large waist was correlated to a higher risk of early death.

Appropriate sleep

We know lack of sleep is signs of all sorts of bad conditions of health. A solid sleep is essential for a long and healthy life. Sleep plays a crucial role in immune function, memory, metabolism, learning and other such functions.

Thus, a sign of good health is when you feel well rested get enough sleep and are energized when you wake up.

Your poo is an indicator too!

It is, in fact, an easier way to discover what goes inside your body. A normal bowel movement has a wide range and in order to be within the range of normalcy your poo doesn’t have to be perfectly shaped or non-stinky or you don’t have to go once a day. In case there is a prolonged change that’s your cue to closely monitor what is going on.

Social support

For a good health, having friends, a strong social support network, as well as sufficient opportunities for interaction is crucial. It not just affects your mental health but your physical health too. People with healthier social connections live longer and are healthier. Research has identified there are a number of activities that can be considered as social support which includes offering help to advise to expressing affection. The life-enhancing effects of social support extend to both the giver and as to receiver.

Your tongue

It cant be a substitute for medical diagnosis but if you wish to know about your digestive system or stress your tongue can tell you. For instance, if the tip of your tongue is red it indicates that your heart mind or emotions are charged up. Teeth marks on the sides of your tongue indicate low energy, sluggish digestion, and mental worrying or brooding.

(Photo Credit: hypebeast)