These Are the Right Way to Hold Every Type of Drink


You may be scared to order a Martini as you think you might spill out the drink and be called a clumsy drinker. But maybe it is just the glass holding technique that needs some attention. Just the way the type of cocktail glass enhances the taste of your drink similarly the pattern of holding your drink will make it taste better as well.

Here are the right ways to hold every type of drink that you are most likely to order at a bar.

Martini glass

Martini glasses are known to be extremely inconvenient to carry but there is a reason behind its awkward design. The wide mouth of the glass increases the surface area and allows the drink to aerate and waft its aromas and directly hit your face. Never cup the bowl of the glass but hold the stem of the glass and for safety palm the base with your other hand.

Wine glass

The red wine is best served around 60 to 65 degrees just below the room temperature. And white wine is served best around 50 to 55 degrees. This is the reason why the traditional wine glass has a long stem so that it prevents the heat from your hand from warming the drink from its ideal drinking temperature. So hold the wine glass by the stem, not by the bowl of the glass.

Brandy snifter

Brandy snifter is ideal for drinking cognac from has a small stem so that it encourages the drinker to palm the bowl of the glass. When you warm the glass of drink with your hands it releases aromas from the dark spirits like brandy and bourbon. The round bowl lets you sniff them with every sip and hence the name “snifter”. Let the stem slip between your fingers and tilt the snifter towards your with every sip.

Champagne flute

Warm champagne is the worst. Champagne’s bubbly goodness is best enjoyed when chilled. The flute’s long stem should be held to preserve the spritzy joy’s coldness.

Beer bottle

From its brown color to its long neck, a beer bottles design has a lot of science behind it. The beer should be preserved from light, oxygen, and heat or otherwise, it contributes to staling. A beer bottle is brown so that it prevents the UV rays from permeating the bottle. The bottle is made up of glass that efficiently keeps out oxygen and has a neck so as to maintain the coldness of the beer. So hold the bottle by the neck.