The Real Life Slumdog Millionaire: Kalpana Saroj!


Kalpana Saroj is also fondly dubbed as the real-life Slumdog Millionaire. And the reason behind that is quite satisfying:

Kalpana was raised in a Dalit household and was given an extreme savage treatment in her school and other public places.

Soon going by the evil conventions of society she was married at the age of 12 and after suffering 6 months of physical abuse at the hands of her husband’s family members,
which included brutally knocking, thrashing and striking she was saved by her father.

When she came back home and into her community, she was shamed as a married girl returning home was not acceptable to the society.

People remained to tease her and wanted her dead for bringing dishonour to the society.
Belatedly, she drank poison. However, her aunt withdrew her.

It was similar to a second life for her, she stopped caring about the society.
She migrated to Mumbai and began tailoring.

Later, her father failed a job and she was the only earning member in a family of 8 other paternal beings.

The melodrama that staggered her was when her sister fell sick.

She kept crying:

Didi [ELDER SISTER] save me. I don’t want to die…

But she failed to do anything. Her sister ultimately succumbed to death.

That was exactly where she realized the importance of money and her entrepreneurial journey began.

She started a furniture business with loans along with tailoring.

She later purchased a disputed land for Rs 2.5 lakhs but received a lot of death threats for 2 years.

After the lawsuit was cleared the price changed to Rs 50 lakhs from Rs 2.5 lakhs.
Soundest was yet to happen: In 2006, Kalpana acquired a company called Kamani Tubes after the company’s workers advanced to her for help.

The organization had been resting sealed for over 17 years. 40 trial cases had been filed against the company. A debt of 116 crores had been incited.

Facing heavy lawsuit when the other failed, Kalpana Saroj fed the sick Kamani back to shape and brought it back to gains.

According to her own estimates, she now has personal assets worth $112 million.

And for her extraordinary triumph in the field of business and her simultaneous contribution to the society, Kalpana Saroj was awarded the Padma Shri for Trade and Industry in 2013.