“THE 42” : India’s Highest Building Located In Kolkata


Building “The 42” located in Chowringhee area of Kolkata in West Bengal has now been completed. The length of this 65-story building is 268 meters. This building is now officially the tallest building in India leaving behind ‘The Imperial-II’ located in Taddei of South Mumbai, in height. Imperial II was the tallest building in the country, not just Mumbai. The building, 256 meters high, was built for residential use. There are 60 floors. But now the title of the tallest building “The 42” in Chowringhee area of Kolkata has taken it.

The 42 ‘Chowringhee’, the tallest building in the country on Jawaharlal Nehru Road in Kolkata, West Bengal, has become ready. The 65-story building ‘The 42’ is 268 meters long. There is a large ground in front of the building and beyond that, the river Hoogly flows. India is still behind making the highest skyscrapers. For the first time in 2002, two buildings of 200 meters were built in India.

This building is on Jawahar Lal Nehru road. For the past 50 years, buildings like Tata Centers, Chatterjee International, and Everest House were seen to dominate the horizon. But ‘The 42’ has overturned all the buildings in the height. The highest skyscrapers in India was in Mumbai. There are more than 3000 skyscrapers in Mumbai, comprising the residential, commercial and retail complexes.

The second tallest building in Kolkata is the Arabian. It is a 167.6-meter high building. The Forum Ammotsfire and Westin are 152 meters and 150 meters tall buildings respectively. After this, there are 13 buildings of more than 100 meters in the city, which include South City, ITC Royal Bengal, and Acropolis.

However, India is far behind in the construction of skyscrapers of over 200 meters in the country. Let’s say that in 2017, there were 144 buildings with a height of more than 200 meters in the world, of which only three buildings of such building with this much height were of India. For the first time in the country in 2010, two buildings of 200 meters height were prepared. China has remained the world’s number one country for the last ten years to build skyscrapers. Overall this building in Kolkata looks magnificent and becoming a hot topic for discussion in the social media.