Ted Talks You Must Watch Before Starting Your Day


In Ted Talks there is always someone talking about a subject that only you want to listen to. The amount of knowledge and information is gigantic that you receive by just listening to what these amazing and successful people have to say. The topics and matter that are talked about are through provoking and relatable. Starting out a day listening to Ted talks will get you pumped for the day and give you all the inspiration you need.

Here are four renowned speakers who gave the most noteworthy Ted talks which are all that you need to watch before starting your day.

Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone by his Holiness Pope Francis

In a Ted talk delivered from the Vatican City, His Holiness Pope Francis said: “a single individual is enough for hope to exist and that individual can be you.” He sends this message to the people of all faiths. The spiritual leader calls for equality solidarity and tenderness to prevail. In his heart-rending talk, he addressed and pointed out, why them and not me? He suggests we help each other out altogether and that we all need each other.

The Future We’re Building—And Boring by Elon Musk

Chris Anderson the man who started Ted talks spoke with Elon Musk about his new project, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and how he is stimulated to build a future on Mars. You should listen to him for the kick in the butt for your own endeavors.

On Tennis, Love, and Motherhood by Serena Williams

The tennis superstar Serena Williams sits down to talk with journalist Gayle King who is a recognizable name herself in American journalism and is the editor at large for the Oprah Magazine. Serena shares about her life, love, achievement, and failures. She starts with how she accidentally shared her pregnancy news with the world.

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

This is a classic piece of Ted talk that ignited a worldwide conversation about feminism. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a renowned novelist suggests us to dream about and plan for a fairer world of happier men and women who can be true to themselves.

(Photo credit: Ted.com)