How to Take Care of Your Beard


If you love the fussy look of the beard, you know it takes a lot to actually manage your fussy friend. You might not have adequate hair for styling. Before any styling or experimenting with your beard, you might want to check out these tips. To take care of your beard as well as grow some for proper styling.


Exfoliation will help in getting rid of oily skin and dead cells. Use a good facial scrub to gently exfoliate.

Eat Healthy

The best way of speeding the process of beard growth is to eat the right food items. Eat your proteins such as meat, chicken, and greens. Take supplements for multivitamins.


Cleaning your beard on a regular basis ensures assistance in hair growth. Additionally, you get a clean and fresh looking and smelling beard. Shampoo and condition your beard twice in a week just like your hair.

Don’t Fidget With It

Avoid stroking or combing your beard hair every now and then. Bothering too much may lead to patchy hair and split ends.


 To control stray hair and split ends, you would need a trimmer. Keep your neck and the top of the cheeks clean, by using a razor to tidy up.

Beard Oils

It is very helpful for patchy beards. Using it generally, can help in getting shine. Make sure you have dried your beard after shower or bath and apply a best quality beard oil of your choice.

Skin Care

Do not forget about the skin beneath your beard. Beard hair has the tendency to extract the moisture out of your skin. Thus your face skin may go all dry. To avoid this you can massage a moisturizer onto your beard. It will help in getting rid of dry skin as well as dandruff.


Trimming will help in shaping the beard and training your beard into growing into a particular style. However combing with a beard brush or a comb removes the tangles from your hair and makes the stubborn hair grow in a downward direction.

Don’t Forget Your Mustache

Growing the epic beard look includes growing a mustache. Always keep it neat by trimming around the philtrum area which is the area under your nose. You can do this with the help of a pair of grooming scissors. Always keep it shaped using a medium hold wax.