How to Tackle Being The Least-Experienced in a Work Team


You made through the job search and finally got hold of an offer. Now you are at the new job and eagerly looking forward to it. However, you are obviously the least experienced person in the team.

This can be because you have just graduated and stepped into the work environment or maybe you decided to change careers. Regardless of what your circumstance is, there are other people at your work, on your team who are evidently seasoned at what they do. And this must have noticeably got your stomach churning.

As much as the fact that you are less- experienced than the others at your work cannot be avoided here are some common issues that you can be prepared for.

Believe in yourself

In the beginning, you may come across the thought that you are insufficient and that the hiring manager made a huge mistake hiring you. It is not true; you were hired for the potential that was visible to them while they analyzed your profile.

(You’re only allowed to have such thoughts if you lied in the interview or on your resume.) The employer believes in your capability and would not hire you in case they considered of you failing them.

Believe in your skills that got you certified for the job. Think back to your ambitious self that got you into applying for this job in the first place.

In case there is something that is bothering you, like a lack of skill that is required you can approach a superior or an experienced colleague to help you develop your abilities at work.

You become a “Know it All” person

You may be falling into the first category or you are the complete opposite of it. Perhaps you believe in yourself too much and act like you know it all.

Even though you are aware of the fact that you have less experience compared to the others you show complete disinterest in what others are trying to tell you. You are not open to learning or either asking for help even in the state of doubts.

This is evidently not a good attitude to hold. Especially being someone less knowledgeable or new to the work, which others handled and have failed or gained and learned massively from.

This is not a good attitude for making friends at work as well. Even if you are less capable of carrying your responsibilities, generating respect in the eyes of your colleagues can help you gain support and stimulate the idea that you are a good team player.

Having confidence is never a negative attitude especially when you are starting anew but there is a fine line between confidence and acting like you are the smartest one in the room. It is good to share ideas but refine your listening skills.

Listen, analyze, support and then put forth your ideas.

You are given all the low-level tasks

This has to be the common issue that most face.

As much as you wish to keep a good attitude towards work, it may get annoying when you are being passed work that does not really contribute to the teamwork assignments or bring any value to the team.

It is best to keep an open communication with your higher-ups. Discuss with your boss about how these tasks can add value to the teamwork or make you skilled for future assignment.

You need more time

Often you will get to hear things like, “catch up” or “look sharp”. The best way to tackle this is to simply put forth that you are new and new to what you are being told to handle.

Ask your colleagues for help, as to how you can do the particular process faster. As you look for suggestions, also state that you require some additional time to complete your tasks without stressing yourself out and making mistakes.

This should surely give you the courage to stay calm at the most difficult part of a new job, the beginning of work.