Journey From A Middle Class Family To Being CEO Of Google, Here Is The Story Of Sundar Pichai.


Indians have constantly wanted to pursue the America Dream-an existence of individual bliss and material solace as customarily looked for by people in the USA. A less complex and rather more current meaning of the same is Sundar Pichai, the First Indian CEO of Google. As far back as the news broke about Pichai’s ascent to the position of authority, Indians have gone crazy. But very little has been spoken about the hard work and tough times Pichai went through. Here’s the manner by which he turned into a case of the immense American Dream Indians love to pursue.

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Before the super high-tech cabins at Google and the benefits of the American citizenship, Pichai “the most effective man in portable” lived in a little two-room apartment with his parents and sibling, in Chennai. Pichai and his brother rested in the living room.

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Pichai’s dad was a foreman at the electrical appliance giant GEC while his mom was a stenographer. Having a place with a somewhat bring down working class family, Sundar for a lot of his youth had no TV. For travel, the family claimed an old and worn down Lambretta bike, while nearby transports were the following best choice.

It was just when Sundar was 12 years of age that his dad purchased a rotational phone for the family. Sundar was such a numeric genius, to the point that he would remember all the numbers that were dialed in a day. Indeed, even today, beat Google officials vouch for his superhuman mathematical abilities.

Afterward, he went to IIT Kharagpur, where he exceeded all opposition and got himself a grant to Stanford University to study materials science and semiconductor material science. To subsidize the flight ticket to the US, Pichai’s dad taken a stab at taking a credit, however, it didn’t work out, and they needed to take out over Rs 50,000 from family investment funds. In 1993, Pichai was finally at Stanford looking at a new world full of possibilities. He was, obviously, horrendously missing his better half, who was back in India and is currently his wife.

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Be that as it may, he dropped the possibility of seeking after a Ph.D. at Stanford, and rather took up a vocation as a designer and item supervisor at Applied Materials, a Silicon Valley semiconductor creator. An MBA degree and a couple of years after the fact, Pichai ventured into the Google central station on April 1, 2004. Much to his dismay that very nearly 10 years after the fact, he would run the place, and would turn into a living case of the American Dream work out as expected.