Stylish Ways to Always Nail a Polo Shirt


Polo shirts are perfect to wear when you get tired of wearing the regular round t-shirts. Polo is a classier version of t-shirts, however, is just as relaxed and casual. The good part is unlike t-shirts polo shirts can be worn for formal occasions as well. The right fitted polo shirts can give you the sharp look.

Polo shirts have a stylish and crisp look and they are universal which is why one can pair it with any kind of bottom wear. Here is how you can style a polo shirt in different ways.

Sporty Look

Polo shirt can be paired with khaki shorts for a sporty look. Accessorize with a sports watch and brown belt. You can wear boat shoes with ankle length or no show socks.

Summer look

Pair polo shirts with chinos or linen trousers for the perfect summer look. Accessorize with sunglasses and casual watch and wear loafers for your footwear.


Polo shirts can be worn under suits for a more casual look. Wear loafers and accessorize with casual watch and belt.


To layer, a polo shirt, wear a cardigan over it with dark denim. Wear your loafers with this outfit as well. Don’t forget to accessorize with watch and belt as polo shirts make an outfit classy.

The rugged look

Dark denim with polo shirt under herringbone jacket could give the rugged look. You will look crazy stylish wearing boots to complete this look.

Remember whenever you style a polo shirt never wear an undershirt. You can wear extra deodorant if you are not sure but polo shirts aren’t meant for undershirts. Wear a well-fitted polo shirt, however, avoid going for too tight and make sure you size the shirt according to your height. The tail of the polo shirt must not go past your buttocks even if you plan to tuck them in they will show up ridiculously through. Lastly, never pair a polo shirt with a blazer.

(Photo Credit: Born and Raised, Pinterest)