Styling Tips for Skinny Men to Add Visual Bulk to Their Bodies


If you are someone with a skinny body, you have gone through the struggle to look more buff and did everything to look bulky. On most occasions, clothes hang loose on your body and you look shabby. Now you shouldn’t feel bad about having a fast metabolism. There are so many people who would love to have a skinny body like yours.

It is just the way you dress that can make you look healthier and buff. Here are your styling tips to keep in mind whenever you pick an outfit for yourself.

Avoid clothes that make you look flimsy

If you are skinny don’t wear clothes that make you look flimsy. Your favorite outfit must be your slim fit jeans and shirt however the slim fit clothes are making you look even skinnier. You have to identify the perfect fit for your body which is not too skinny and not too big for your figure as well. How about starting with a size bigger than you usually get?

Know which garment makes you look sharp

For instance, a jacket or blazer can make one look instantly fuller and smart. They give a broader illusion to your body and make you look smart. For others, it could be a pair of trousers or jeans that could make a difference. Know which clothing piece makes you look fuller and stick to it.

Your body type can nail layering

You can layer with light fabrics making your look more studier. Avoid putting together many layers. You have to have color coordinated layers.

Go for fabrics that add visual bulk to your body

In the simplest way choose for fabrics that can add the visual bulk to your figure. Go for bright colors, textured and patterned fabrics which can all add mass to your complete appearance. You should start with denim, tweed, and corduroy.


(Photo Credit: Pinterest)