Style Details That Men Are Overlooking


Outfits have top priority if you wish to be the good looking guy. You cannot make any mistakes which mean wearing the right outfit. However, if you think you have put together the perfect outfit there are lots that can go wrong unintentionally. These are some careless errors that you might have just ignored or never thought of.

So here are some detailing mistakes you may be making while styling your outfit so that you can be careful not to make them next time you dress up.

Mixing prints

Printed tie over a printed shirt is a serious no, no. It simply makes you look like a fool in fashion. Avoid this mistake and you can go for a bold tie with checkered shirt.

Letting shirt collars out of the blazer

You surely have made this mistake and you should just let go of this habit. In the fashion world you are not cool when you do this. This is when you look shabby and extremely untidy.

Filling up your jeans or trouser pockets

Put important little things in your pocket and don’t stuff them with your cell phone, wallets etc. This disrupts the outfit’s look as people can see the bulge and untidy look.

Wrinkled clothing

Maybe you were lazy or careless or ignored ironing your clothes that you wish to put on. Wrinkled clothes have the capacity to damage your complete attire. You will only look sharp and fancy in proper ironed clothes.

Tucked T-shirts

T-shirts are casual clothing and you are not supposed to tuck them in. You are not making any style statement with your tshirt tucked in!

Visible undershirt

Wearing a t-shirt under a shirt is acceptable but an undershirt is an undershirt which is not supposed to be visible under a dress shirt. So next time get it right!

Long socks with shorts

Unless you are fashioning for the 90’s wearing long socks with shorts are a total error. Instead you should wear ankle length socks whenever you plan on wearing shorts the next time.

Sports watch with formals and vice versa

Sports watches are for sportswear and wearing them with formals will make you look completely foolish. This goes the same with formal watches with casual outfits.

(Photo Credit: theconversation, Pinterest, Insert Witty Comment, buzzfeed, New York Times, macrumors)