Story Of Ramesh Babu- The Barber Who Owns a Rolls Royce


Ramesh Babu was just 9 years of age when he lost his father in the year 1979 and the family was left with nothing. To meet days end they rented out Babu’s father’s saloon which was in Brigade Road, Bangalore for just Rs 5 a day. He had to get a full-time job for which he dropped out of school after the class 10.

He took over a saloon from his uncle named Inner Space, and he stepped into the business world with a determination to succeed. He renovated the salon with his family savings and employed two workers to run the place. Ramesh later took up hairstyling himself which led the business to boom. In a year he signed up himself for hairstyling courses to sharpen his natural skills. He went to Singapore to do a course with Toni and Guy.

The saloon earnings got him to buy his first car and start his venture which has developed over two decades. His purchase came with expensive EMIs so to raise the amount he started to rent out his car. His customers started taking the cars on rent. His first business contract was from Intel. As this gradually increased to a sizeable customer base he realized the potential of running a premium automobile rental service. He then began to build a fleet of cars.

Today, Ramesh Tours and Travels possess a fleet of more than 400 cars including models like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar and the most prized Rolls Royce. However, the Ghost actually ranks lower in Ramesh’s favorites list as his favorite one is Contessa which has been discontinued.

His business now continues to run in Chennai and Delhi and Ramesh’s future plan is to conquer Hyderabad and Vijaywada next. The team is working on maximizing the operations online. With the jaw-dropping fleet, Ramesh has been honored with many awards but one can still find him working at his salon for Rs 150. Ramesh after being the famous billionaire barber imparts that he has struggled through a tough journey of ups and downs but he still kept telling himself to work harder and everything will set together.