Story of Dev Dave- Earned Rs 500 a Month Now Has a Job Offer of Rs 55 Lakh


This is the story of Devendra Dave who wrote a letter documenting the struggle of his life to reach where he is currently. Dev is now 27 years old, who once earned Rs 500 a month and now has a job opportunity of Rs 55 Lakh.

Dev’s father has been suffering from polio since his childhood which did not allow him to have a stable job. Dev addresses his letter to the students saying that when he was in the STD 10 he realized that in order to attend college he will have to take care and manage his own fees and expenses. Dev involved in various jobs such as a waiter, courier boy, a chess coach and more. Meanwhile, he was on his own quest to reach excellence.

Dev could not attend college for five years as he was caught up in work. But he was excused as he was a chess player for his college. He was frustrated about not being able to attend classes which made him realize the importance of education.

Dev then decided to complete his post graduation from an esteemed and top-ranking institute of India. The first three attempts on CAT exams, Dev poorly failed. In 2014, he attempted the fourth time and managed to clear the exam (MICA), however, unfortunately, the banks rejected his plea for education loan due to the bad credit ratings of his father.

Dev’s father became prey to a Nigerian scam where he had been tricked of Rs 8 Lakh which made his family to sell their flat, followed by his father being permanently blacklisted. Dev tried his best to arrange the required sum and even wrote a faculty member to help in getting the admissions done. But he could not make it that year.

Dev felt helpless and began working for all seven days a week with the intention of exhausting himself completely to not allow depression to come over. During the year 2015, one of his student’s parents significantly asked him what he would do if he gets another chance to get into MICA. He considered the advice and started his preparation for the entrance exam yet again. He worked vigorously this time more than last time.

Dev cleared the exams again and obtained another chance for admission. But again he had no collateral and poor CIBIL score of both his father and sister. His fortune strikes though and he was sponsored to pay the first installment. And later was provided with a loan of Rs 10 Lakh by the banks.

He claims the last two years to be the best years of his life. He managed to graduate while taking care of his family and college expenses. He could do all of it with the help of his savings of Rs 2.5 Lakh. Dev won many cash awards by participating in different competitions and acquired a scholarship of Rs 4 Lakh from the college due to this.

His intention of sharing his journey was to make people understand that no matter what troubles one faces in life, they should never give up and work hard with the aim of achieving their personal dreams.

(Photo Credit: Storypick)