Start Saying No to These Things to Improve Your Life and Career


Some of us have a hard time saying no to a person who asks us for something. Most of us feel a little responsible towards the other or sometimes we just can’t say no because we are people pleasers. We most of the times though face a lot of troubles due to this in our career as well. We have plenty of things in our palette that have to be attended and time stops for no one. Time is precious.

When you start saying no it gives you plenty of room, time and energy to finish up whats important. To make it easier and improve your productivity and career you need to learn to say no to these things.

Other’s baggage

Life is enough hard for all of us. There are some people who try to push their baggage on others. If you are doing it stop and if others ask you to share their baggage with you say no. Because you might end up spoiling relationships and disrupt the serenity of your life. This could mean you have to ignore some people and eliminating the negative people from your life altogether.

Toxic relationships

There are some situations or people that bring out the worst in us and yet we still get involved in the events as we either don’t want to give excuses or are people pleaser and feel bad to say no. But if you manage to purge the negative or toxic relationship from the life you will find relief and happiness. These people shift your focus and make living enjoyable, don’t let them.

Unhealthy habits that feel good

Drinking, eating junk food or staying up late to watch a complete series are some of the many things we do that we love but are habits that have adverse effects. You need energy, focus and confidence to make things better which can be gained by eating better, getting good sleep and minding your body.

Letting past affect present

The past may have situations or people that have made living a little unfortunate for you today. There may be few lost opportunities that you regret. But letting the thoughts of past keep you occupied in the present will damage the way you think for the future in many ways. Letting go, forgiving those who never apologized and looking forward will help you focus and make your life better.