How to Spray Perfume Right and Get Rid Of the Bad Smell


You just quickly spray the perfume all over yourself. But how do you ensure the smell will last longer? You should know where to spray. There are pulse points that are the areas you should focus spraying on to ensure the whiff lasts all day.

Here are spots where you should exactly spray perfume at to smell as good as morning till evening.


Yes, you may be unaware but your mane is one of the most effective places to spray upon. The hair fibers leech on to the smell of the perfume and retain it for quite a long time. Don’t spray directly on the strands because you will dry them out. You should spray onto your hair brush and let the fragrance flow in while you comb your hair.


The neck area is warm compared to the rest of your body areas. Hence, it becomes a pulse point and spraying on the neck not just ensures the fragrance last longer but also strengthens its fragrance.

Elbow insides

The skin on your inner elbow runs close to the veins which make it a spot to spray perfume on.


Spray your perfume from a distance of 6 to 9 inches. Then trap the space between your clothes and body to achieve the excellent smell.

Top of Your Ears

The deal is that oily skin works best to hold onto the scent of the perfume. Now, don’t you fret if you have dry skin! The skin on top of your ear is oily enough. You can even suggestively apply some moisturizer before spraying on some perfume.


This is one of the popular areas you may know to spray your perfume on. It is basically the blood vessels that make it the ideal point. They run close to the skin’s surface and emit heat to enhance the fragrance of the perfume and it lasts long.


It is best to spray mostly on your skin directly. However fabrics like wool and cashmere envelope the fragrance. Thus, spray it all over your clothes. However, this requires replication more often.

Make sure you are not emptying a bottle over you. Spray bare minimum and never rub the areas where you have sprayed on.