Some Mind blowing facts about Warren Buffett and his $70 billion fortune


Warren Buffett is an American Business Magnet, Investor, and Philanthropist. Check out these Life Facts about him:-

  1. Buffett’s Childhood days

While the classmates of warren were dreaming about Hollywood stars and major leagues, he was busy having his meal with the stock exchange member of New York, trying to setup his life goals. You would be shocked to know that he almost had $53000 by the time he turned 16. The great billionaire was abandoned from the Harvard Business School and was also refused by his idol when he applied for a job for the first time. Warren’s 99% wealth is earned after the age of 50. Among all the legendary investors, his has been the longest record for beating the market. Warren was 11 years when he purchased his first stock.

  1. When in his Teen

At his teenage, he was already ranking in around $175 a month, which was more than that of his teachers and other adults. This little boy had a lot of small business ideas which he was running. Some of these businesses included, paper delivery, selling buffed cars, stamps and golf balls, setting up pinball machine business and had also turned a horse track into a lucrative playground.


  1. Rejection at Business school

Buffett was rejected from the Harvard school of business. It was an emotional moment for him as he had already told one of his friends that he had passed his interview at Harvard. Later having no option he joined the Columbia University where only a written application was needed.

  1. He applied for his First Job

When he applied for the first time for a job, he was rejected because he wasn’t Jewish. Buffet wanted to work with his idol Mr. Benjamin Graham, who is the author of ‘The Intelligent Investor’. But Buffett would not have taken rejection and hence he continuously kept pitching Graham until he finally hired him.

Buffett was scared of Public speaking

Buffett was 21 when he was terrified of speaking in public. Therefore he took Dale Carnegie course on public speaking for $100. Finally it ended up being a worthy investment, as the course gave him power to propose to his wife.The Millionaire bought a house

He bought his house in 1956 at Omaha, Nebraska which had 5 bedrooms for $31500. Now if you want to get a house in his neighborhood, it would cost you $2.15 million.

He did not use a Desktop for work

Buffet does not usually use a desktop; rather he prefers working on his flip phone, though he spent 80% of his day reading. He invested $1000 in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway stock in the year 1964, when Buffett took over company and shares cost just $19, would be worth about $13 million dollars today.

Buffett finally signed up with Bill Gates

He finally team up with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates in the year to form The giving Pledge which initiates to ask the world’s wealthiest people to contribute the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. By the end of 2016 June more than 154 affluent individuals have signed the pledge, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bloomberg and Larry Ellison.

His earnings Per Year

The multi- billionaire reportedly earns only $100,000 a year at Berkshire Hathaway and spends it frugally. People are so fascinated from the legend that they can spend millions of dollars just for eating lunch with him. Buffet had been auctioning a power lunch for Glide foundation since 2000. The highest bidder gets to have lunch with the millionaire. The recent winner paid $3,456,789.