Smart Pieces Men Would Need To Complete Their Winter Wardrobe


Winter is indeed knocking at our doors and you are sure in the dilemma of saving yourself from the cold weather and also maintaining your style quotient. It can be daunting to understand what pieces of clothing you really need and what can bring out the best in you during the chilly times. These pieces should be comfortable and versatile because you don’t want to splurge on your winter shopping.

Don’t fret here are few pieces that will help you complete your winter wardrobe without compromising on style.

Bomber jacket

A sleek bomber jacket worn over anything during the winters can be amazing. You don’t have to worry much whats beneath when the bomber jacket was cover up. For the days where you just want to hang out and don’t put any efforts on dressing up, just throw on a bomber jacket and you are good to go.


Beanie is your winter must have. For a party or when going to a gym, a statement beanie can save you from the cold and also gives you incredible style.


Don’t be fooled by the modest shape of the muffler. It can be your friend for the chilliest time in winter. On a tailored tuxedo or a regular jumper with jeans, mufflers are known to pair with anything.

A cool sweat

Sweatshirts are known to exude coolness in winter and for guys who want to be noticed amongst boring cover-ups, a sweatshirt with a slogan can be ideal.

Chelsea boots

These go with everything you wear. From slim fit jeans to suits a pair of suede Chelsea boots do you good.

Slim fit Jacket

Slim fit jackets make you look polished even in winters. For a formal board meeting or a night out in the club with the gang on a winter night, slim fit jackets work it all.

(Photo credit: Up Scale Hype, Pinterest)