He Slept At Airport to Save Money Currently His Firm Earns $42 Million Annually


This is the success story of Shashank Dixit who came up with his own start-up business idea while in the last year of his college. In the last year of their college, Shashank along with three co-founders Somesh Misra, Brajesh Sachan and Paritosh Mahana created a software for a local outlet near their campus.

In 2008 after IIT graduation they launched the software. The small business can work their accounts through this software. It was an acceptable business idea but at a smaller level, the accounts were small as well. Which is why Deskera the software introduced by Shashank and his team were not preferred by some of the businesses. Later, he took a decision of shifting his market from India to Singapore. Before entering the market, a research made him realize that Singapore was a more open market accepting new ideas and businesses.

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Initially, in Singapore, he used to sell his software door to door making him sleep on Singapore’s Changi airport in order to cut cost. However, demand for his product increased as the country had the compliance of GST. The businesses in Singapore accepted Deskera and indirectly helped him in business expansion. The government of Singapore supports businesses immensely with the Goods and Services Tax. Around the time when Deskera entered Singapore a lot of start-ups lost control in operations while working in Singapore. Later Malaysia switched to GST as well and Deskera soon had an office in Malaysia to expand operations.

Following the difficulties, Deskera finally had over 300 employees who worked for a turnover of $42 million. The company now also has its headquarters in San Francisco and California, US. It also serves in 8 Indian cities and with the advent of GST Deskera is keen about India as the big market for expansion. Deskera in 2016 announced itself as the first cloud-based provider in India to offer GST ready software suite.

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