6 Sex Positions Which Most Of The Women Hate


Sex is a blend of excitement, passion, and emotion. Many people get excited and at the same time gets too nervous while trying it for the first time. Sex can be quite exhaustive and can even give you an unpleasant experience if not done properly. Here are some of the six sexual positions which most of the women hate.

Doggy Style
If you’re seeking for intense penetration, this position is definitely a perfect idea for newcomers. But in reality, many women do not like doggy style because in this position men with larger penises can penetrate quite faster and harder which can be very uncomfortable.


Missionary is the best sex position if you’re seeking to enjoy an emotional attachment with lots of intimate eye contact. But for most women out there, this sexual position bequeaths the clitoris out of the equation collectively. This is exceptional if you’re a woman who can achieve orgasm quickly which is quite rare.

Cowgirl is the best sexual position for women who desire to be in control. But this position is quite hated by women. Just after one or two bumps, one can feel tired quickly. Plus, if you’re insecure in your skin then it becomes exhaustive.

69 is one of those weird sex position that no one really likes but almost everyone wishes to give this position a try, particularly in a college or early days of their sexual adventures. The main problem with this position is that a person gets so worried about preparing themselves at the right position and angle for your companion that you aren’t giving consideration to the head while you are giving or receiving.

Up against the wall
It’s a romantic and a good sexual position that we’ve all observed in romantic movies and are desperate to try it personally. But here’s the harsh reality, no wonder how “sensitive” you are, it’s requiring a lot of your guy to keep you propped in place on the wall and to have him thrust to his heart’s content. Except you are an athlete or a professional Olympian, this sex position requires lots of attention and care.

This position is quite comforting and intimate. But here’s the catch, this sexual position relies completely on the torque. When you’re sprawling side-by-side, and if the man has a very little amount of torque then it can make periodic thrusting pretty exhaustive and impossible. Because of this many women hate this position.