This Simple Hack Will Help You Achieve Every Goal You Set For 2018


Every year end comes at the cost of something. Some goals you could not achieve, some wishes you were not able to fulfill maybe even a relationship you could not save. The year contains all these incidents but only during the end of a year do we realize such fails. You regret failing some important deadlines but you yet again set out to make new goals with same means you used the year before.

Are you disappointed by the end of this year?

Surely a new year calls for new beginnings but the year that went by cant be forgotten so easily. If you have dreams to be somewhere and save the things or accomplish the things you couldn’t last year you should take a different approach on them this year as the last one didn’t work well, did it?

A different approach

So here’s the deal you set goals each year and dream of achieving them. But it doesn’t help. You need to set up a measured action towards it and for it, you need to take the past into account. Always have a regular analysis of the actions you take.


Every year you think you want to be something by the end of the year. But every day you delay it for tomorrow with a thought of having plenty of time in the world. However, you need to keep track of your progress towards the goal you are trying to achieve on a regular basis as humans tend to give up on something that they don’t find progress in.

The Crux

Break your goals into actionable parts where you try to get a particular result at the end of every week. Then think of about the approach you would take to achieve your short-term goals that are aligned and contribute to your major goal.

In this method, you are able to measure your progress every week and work on things that didn’t work the previous week. You get a feeling that you are constantly working towards your end goal.

The key is short-term accomplishments to bring you close to long-term success. A little part of your goal can be easily achieved with 7 days in your control. So now it’s your turn to take actions, you ready?