Simple Habits to Make You Feel Good About Yourself Everyday


Can you rapidly answer when asked the things that make you feel good about yourself? Do you go blank?

Perhaps you were acknowledged by your boss at a meeting, a compliment you received from your coworker about your outfit, crossed 100 likes on a picture on social media account. Do you feel all of these things are out of your control?

You pretty much have a lot of control on your happiness about things than you think. You have to start with developing certain simple but good habits.

These habits are easy to adopt and it can considerably improve your mood every day.

Learn Something New

Learning something or anything new implies that each day you hope to gain some new knowledge and insight about the world. Perhaps learning something new from your colleague or higher ups, or reading a new book, maybe listening to a podcast.

You start feeling good about yourself when you know you have more knowledge today than you had yesterday. You are becoming smarter each day. Things you learn don’t have to be revolutionary but should be an addition to your wisdom. You can then impart your knowledge to others at your workplace.

Have Maximum Movement

Working out is a thing that is common amongst many. By now you know well that working out is essential to not just stay fit but also uplift your mood.

However, even the smallest way to workout, like taking a break for a little meditation or walking around the block can make a difference. You will feel the difference in your energy levels, composure as well as mood. Any amount of movement can make you feel better than sitting all day on your desk seat.

Give Pep Talk to Yourself

Most of our confidence is gained by external factors. That’s when people tell us that we are awesome. But hey, why not quite often tell yourself you are awesome?

You are the one who knows what you exactly want to hear and what you don’t want to. And it doesn’t cost you anything to try. The best way is to use ‘you’ for pep talks to yourself.

According to studies, using the pronoun ‘you’ is more impactful than ‘I’ to improve your mindset.

Stay Nice to Others


At least try this on one of your worst days. Even though you are at the peak of your crankiness and just want to vent, turn that emotion into a helping hand. Show your kind gesture to someone in need. Or simply just smile to someone. You will understand that it doesn’t just make the person happier but also uplifts your mood.

Research has found that people who think compassionately towards others experience a general increase of positive emotions such as interest, serenity, and amusement. Their hopes become high just by thinking of being nice to others.

Be Nice to Yourself

Taking care of you is inevitable. This can be done as per the taste of each individual. Perhaps a warm shower in the evening is your way to unwind. Or perhaps your eight hours of sleep and then a fulfilling breakfast are how you like to treat yourself.

It is you who can figure out what makes you feel good and involve in it every day. Taking some time alone in the evening or catching up with a friend.

You need to feel good about yourself regardless of the challenges life throws at you.