The Silliest Mistakes We Make In Our 20s and Their Later Consequences in Our Lives


In our early 20s, we make decisions that are all impulsive and later realize our silliness and mistakes. Like the time we decide to throw caution in the air and drive down the expressway without seatbelts, drunk or the time when having sex with a particular someone made total sense thinking you both were made for each other and all. The list goes on.

However, for the sake of saving you from making similar mistakes, we list down the commonest silly mistakes.

Making a big deal of virginity

Regardless of being a girl or a boy you made a deal about it. Men think to loose it will turn them into a fully grown man and woman just think they are losing it to the ‘right man’ or so. These are wrong reasons which are why it is silly because we associate loosing virginity to becoming an adult while becoming an adult, being mature and growing up are all different things.

Fucking at every chance possible

Because it opened a kind of chest of pleasure you never experienced before and you do it like the existence of the entire human race depended on it. Look at you now, you realize what did all that amount to anyway.

Drinking till you pass out

Till you puked and had a bad hangover the next day. You felt like you could conquer the world by downing a bottle. But now you think it was so stupid because can even conquer a project without being called out by your seniors.

Driving recklessly

Just to show off amongst your friends of how big balls you had or to your girlfriends how daredevil you were, you sped through like the roads were yours. But now that you think of it how easily could you meet with an accident thinking everything was in control.

Disregarding your folks

You did not care to respond your parents when they were concerned for your well being because you were busy making your own life. It was such a waste right listening to your parents talk about life and future when you could just have fun with your mates in a club. Only to realize those friends are almost missing from most part of your life now.

Spending money like you made it

All the money you splurged on women or men on unnecessary parties or things that your parents worked so hard to provide you with. That money spent could not buy you great friends, a lasting relationship or could make you a more of a human.

Not giving a fuck

I give zero fucks was a phase we all have been in. Not caring about the world, the street signs, animals, rules. You felt like some kind of god when told yourself you don’t give a zero fuck. Now that you think of it you were just being reckless, irresponsible and unreliable being.

(Photo credit: dazedgroup, Giphy)