Signs That You Are Totally Out Of Shape or Unfit


The moment your go-to jeans feel tighter than the comfort level, the number on the weighing scale making you cringe in disbelief, it is in this moment you want to change. Even with a seemingly healthy lifestyle, you may not be living up to your fitness potential. The common signs that we know of are such as gasping for air after a quick run on a flight of stairs or not being able to see your feet that inspires us to get back in shape.

However, there are more surprising signs that you are unfit and might want you to ditch your weekend happy hour date with your friends on the treadmill.

Trouble while sleeping

If you find yourself tossing and turning in the night it may indicate that you need some exercise. When there are days you haven’t exerted a good amount of energy throughout the day you might find it difficult to fall asleep. Sleep becomes more easy and enjoyable when you challenge yourself with some physical exercise.

You are injury prone

If you have felt like you cant walk mile before pulling a hamstring or rolling your ankle then it could indicate that your body needs more workout. If such injuries aren’t caused by something obvious these pains can be signs that your body is not functioning properly and is unfit.

You are sluggish

If you find yourself feeling tired all the time then you might want to check your fitness habits. There are many studies that link fatigue to lack of physical activity. Without the physical activities, our bodies become stagnant.

Craving junk food

Eating poorly has a vicious cycle. When we eat junk it leads to craving more junk and you end up always making bad food choices. If you find yourself caught in the junk food habit that you are unable to break then it may be a sign that you are not fit.

You are slouching

Do you often slouch at the office or slump over the desk? Poor posture may indicate you have a poor health.

You don’t enjoy exercise

Maybe you are not a fan of working out but if you are going to the gym daily you are to a good start. However if even putting on a pair of sneakers make you feel like it’s a big chore when you are typically out of shape.

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