Side Effects of Stress and Worry You Must Know


Life has many stressful situations and people have to experience it at some point. However, constant stress can start affecting one’s health.

There are people who worry naturally and are more prone to stress. The damaging effects of stress over an extended period of time can be noticed with high blood pressure, tension on the heart and further severe destruction.

Here are a few side effects of stress that you may or may not have known.

Stress ages children

Stress spares no one and not even children. Few of the causes can be bullying, different kinds of abuse, violence at home, the pressure of exams etc. It takes the toll by ageing their cells prematurely. In a study conducted, it was discovered that an early age experience of violence or bullying showed the signs of premature ageing.

Stress summons depression

Studies have established that prolonged exposure to stress can bring on depression. The underlying reason is that stress damages neurons in the brain and hinders the formation of new brain cells.

Stress causes hair loss

People who suffer from stress will experience heavy hair fall. The hair loss can be apparent after a few months of experiencing a certain stressful situation. Compared to the general amount of hair loss, stress can cause hair loss up to three-quarters of hair in a considerably short period of time.

However, this is usually not permanent; hair will possibly grow back in about six month’s time.

Stress causes weight gain

A body under stress releases cortisol slowing down the metabolism causing an increase in weight. According to research, people gained weight both due to a decrease in metabolic rate and eating for comfort.

Stress overpowers immunity system

Stress destroys your immune system and leaves you prone to far different types of illnesses. Common flu to chronic diseases, your body becomes incapable of battling with these diseases.

Stress shrinks your brain

Research on the effects of stress has discovered that people with high level of stress tend to have a smaller prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for controlling emotions and thus people with extreme stress have difficulty in controlling their emotions. The reduction process is very gradual thus people don’t even realize that something in them is changing.

Stress reduces sexual drive

A reduction in passion and drive for various factors for people with high level of stress can cause relationship tensions and emotional troubles. Stress causes total disinterest for sexual activities and further emotional detachment from their significant other.

Stress causes skin ailments

Other terrifying effects of stress can be skin ailments. High levels of stress release a hormone called glucocorticoid, which can worsen existing skin conditions and cause more serious ones. It doesn’t limit to acne, but other skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

 Stress can cause forgetfulness

People under high levels of stress are prone to forget things. Long term existence of stress affects the brain’s ability to preserve information. Stressful people can experience a severe shortage of memory, both short term, and long term.

Stress harms your heart

Stress has an injurious effect on the heart’s health. It leads to almost 30% more chances of heart attack. It also impacts the capability of a person to survive a heart attack. In a study conducted it was discovered that a victim of stress-related heart attack has about 40% more risk of dying within the time period of two years after suffering the first heart attack.

Avoid stress and try to lead a happier, healthy life!