A Shy Guy’s Guide to Flirting to Improve His Dating Game


When it comes to flirting it becomes quite hard for shy guys. Unlike the extroverts or outgoing guys who easily out themselves out and talk to people the shy guys always grapple with doubt and are timid. So let us take a look at some tips for all the shy lads who really want to improve their dating game.

But remember, these are tips that will also need you to get out of your comfort zone and be a little open than usual. It is fine you don’t have to break the shell here are the easy little things you can do.

Act confident

Now obviously being confident is not your thing but you have to try here. It won’t come naturally to you but it has something that you have to push through for the dating to work.

Stop thinking about rejection and go say hi

Thinking about rejection continuously is a date killer in itself. You think it will not work out as planned, she might say or you will embarrass yourself. Stop! These negative thoughts are ruining your game and you have to tell yourself it is okay even if things don’t work and even she turns you down.

You won’t get anywhere with overthinking and if you try but fail at least you have the confidence again that hey I had the courage to ask her out.

Open up and make her laugh

Most of you shy guys are a real funny people but you just don’t open up quickly to strangers to reveal your charm. But if you have that gift you don’t have to be afraid because girls love when a guy can make them laugh. Start with a little self-deprecating humor to look confident enough in your skin that you make fun of yourself.

Be a listener and add in your experiences

Now we know that you are a good listener and so when you listen she will find you genuinely interested in what you have to say. Make sure you ask questions or share some similar experiences. Talk about common interests and in no time maybe you will open a lot easier than you imagined.

Play a little hard to get

Okay so this is not something that you should when you are approaching someone but maybe is the last resort to try if everything else fails. If there’s like a group then try to like ignore her but at the same time give her some compliment that shes hooked on to you. Make sure you are not flirting around or you will give the girl you want to end up with mixed signals and maybe give her chances to explore other options.

Always be nice and compliment

Women are into who is charming and considerate. Compliment her dress or offer her a ride. Chivalrous men are the most attractive but the breed is dying. It’s still cool to pull up a chair for the girl.

Don’t hesitate to ask her for another date

When you get to leave her back at her place don’t mess things up or get caught up in overthinking just ask her out for another date. Let her know how you enjoyed the evening and that you would love to know more about her by catching next week.

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