Showering Daily Might Be Worse Than Not Taking a Bath At All


There is a debate that goes on about whether we should or should we not take shower every day. Well, the lazy pants can rejoice as scientists confirm that showering daily can give serious damage to your skin and health on the whole.

Here are ways how showering every day can have bad impacts on your health.

It can cause acne

The microbiome is something that human beings have which is a group of bacteria and other microbes that exist in and on the human bodies. It’s similar to your skin’s ecosystem and disturbance to it such as taking shower every day can cause damage to your skin and make your skin to breakout.

There is yet to be a research confirming the ideal number of times you should shower in a week however facts confirm you don’t need one daily.

You won’t smell as bad

There are good and bad bacteria present in all the human bodies and constant showering really disrupts the body’s balance. Women know the pain of taking antibiotics and later getting a yeast infection. The antibiotics eliminate all the bacteria in your body causing an imbalance in bacteria and getting rid of good ones needed for healthy lady parts!

Quitting shower altogether may seem repulsive but we can take it down a notch, right?

It causes skin dryness

When you shower every day you are bound to use soaps or exfoliants that can make your skin to feel and look dry. It is due to water evaporation from your body which can strip away a lot of moisture. It is suggested by dermatologists that the more you wash your body under hot water the drier your skin turns. You are ridding the skin from its natural oils that it needs to remain moisturized. Dry skins crack easily allowing dirt and germs to invade!

You are damaging your hair

Showering just not stop at ruining your skin, it also damages your nails and hair. As mentioned earlier showering extracts all the natural oils. You may feel the need to wash your hair because you have oily hair. But it turns out your hair maybe oily, because you shower daily.

To make up for the oil loss caused by showering your scalp produces extra oil. You should listen to your body and go a few weeks without showering to balance out the oil production.

It ruins your manicure

Your nails expand in a hot shower that causes you freshly done, manicure to crack. And hot water is a natural enemy of nail polish and even with the base coat water makes it way underneath the nail and causes the nail paint to lift and come off.

Perhaps considering all the points above you may shower thrice a week maybe save a little water, eh?

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