Sex on the Screen vs. Sex in Real Life


Oh, we all have different and unrealistic expectations from sex however the reality can flip us out because it is totally different. And with time we realize that sex isn’t all that picture perfect. Most build their expectations watching movies and over the time they realize that ideal sex doesn’t really exist and reality is that it involves a bit of awkwardness and lot of laughs and not very sexy moments.

Here are ways how sex in real life differs the sex shown on the big screen.

Diving in without protection?

The couples in the movies just dive into the action! Well, where’s the condom? Are they having unprotected sex? What if they get any STDs or pregnant? However, in real life, the couple stops mid way to fish out condoms and put one on. It is a hassle but hey all for the best.

All the candles and rose petals

Yes, all the candles and rose petals that you don’t see in a regular life. Most have never had all the rosy and fragrant stuff around while having sex. How can they portray sex in movies so flowery when in real life it is not the same?

The sexy background music

There is no music involved in real life sex. The brain doesn’t play such sexy background music such as the movies. So much for disappointment!

Not so pretty scene

The camera angles and sex scenes in the movies are flawless. However, real life sex scenes are not that pretty a scene. It is like the movie people have no idea what goes around with the real people during real sex.

Expectation of perfect bodies

Oh, the characters in the movies have bodies of Greek gods! However, in real life people have to deal with cellulite, stretch marks or other skin or body issues. Most of the real people’s sex lives are spent on being completely conscious about these things.

Falling asleep after sex?

Don’t they have parents waiting at home or someone else or at least have the fear of being caught? The characters are seen directly going to sleep after having sex. People in real life have to dress up swift and rush to reach home before curfew and deal with concerned parents.

The perfect first sex,

Doesn’t exist. The characters have sex for the first time and it all looks so quick and easy, however, real life situations are totally different. Some couples struggle not knowing what to do and it is all clumsy. Never expect first sex to be similar to a movie sex.

Where to find a hot spot

People have a slight to no chance of getting the house to themselves in real life. And staying out is totally impossible for the whole night without being questioned and having to prepare a prior notice. We have no idea how these couples in the movies find places to get all naughty.

Real life doesn’t have multiple takes

You do what you do at the moment and there is no turning back like in movies scenes where they have taken multiple shots for the perfect moment. Real life is filled with embarrassing moments and lot of giggles.

The steamy shower sex

There are many complications involved in a shower sex for a real life of course. In movies, however, they don’t seem to have any problem. Also, who would want to slip in the bathroom and have casualties and that kind of embarrassments in life.

One is always in the mood for some sex

Both the characters are always ready to have sex and things quickly get sexy, steamy and turned on. Yup not like real life humans who are always too tired or just not in the mood.

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