See what the shape of your Toes tell about your personality


We all have some or the other time heard about the lines on our hands and the moles on our body reveal about our personality traits and what the destiny has for us. Have you ever heard that the size of our toes also speak a lot about our personality.

The shapes of your toes have some really interesting insights about our personality. Let’s know more about this below:

Extremely small toes

These are slightly similar to Egyptian toes, though the smallest toe is really very small. People with this type of foot are broad minded. Though there is a particular aspect of your personality that is hidden.

The celtic toes

Celtic toes are slightly like Greek toes. The only difference is that in Greek toes, the second toe is angular to the big toe, but in Celtic foot it is square-ish in appearance. This foot people are adventurous and charming and are thankful for what they have. You also help people around you and bring positivity.

Stretched Toes

The shape in which the bigger toe is placed far from the rest of the toes forming a tight knit cluster are called stretched toes.

The peasant Toes

This type of foot has all the toes of same size almost. This shows that you are really emotional and keep personal relationships above all material things and money. Other than that you are honest and thoughtful.

Greek toes

If your second toe is bigger than your big toe then that means you have a Greek toe. People with this toe are tough to handle and give preference to your values. Though you are mature by nature but you still can land up getting impulsive at times.

Roman toes

If the big toe and the toe beside it are of the same size, it’s called the Roman foot. If you have this type of a foot, then you are considered as a leader. You also are an exciting and a dynamic person.

Wide gapped Toes

Wide toes are toes of a traveler. This type of foot generally means that you have intense wanderlust and love adventure and new experiences. When you are traveling the time you are the happiest.

Egyptian toes

This shape of the toe is very common in people. This is distinguished as a long Big toe with the other toe arranged at 45 degree angle. It is assumed that the people having this kind are creative and unique and have a drastic thinking. As their brain is all the time generating new thoughts, they might try hard but could not focus. These people are very friendly and can also get along with difficult people.