Secrets of the Eternally Cool Women


You know that woman, or maybe you are her. They are the rare breed who is effortlessly cool. You cant help but be envious yet intimidated due to their smarts and charm. Even if you aren’t her innately here are some of her secrets so that you can get a little closer to being that girl.

They are eternal readers

She knows the news, or shes always informed and thus able to talk about anything with ease. On some subjects with passion! Find some cool articles yourself.

They speak their mind

She holds strong opinions and doesn’t flinch while sharing them. She won’t back down from the spirited debate but she handles everything with calm. In your case, to start with try to focus on being more confident.

You will hardly see them complaining

Like everyone else, she deals with a lot of annoying stuff that happens in life but the cool women but she addresses observations.

They are open to new things

She won’t mind coming with you to a new restaurant or for a weird foreign film. You won’t have to worry about her while deciding most of the stuff. Become that person.

They are self-aware

She knows her strengths and weaknesses. The former she tries to work on. She may be late for the brunch but she has the funniest way to make light the 20-minute delay.

They don’t try to be cool

Don’t try to find others to validate your coolness. When you are not desperate to be cooler you look even cooler.

They have distinct hobbies than others

She doesn’t follow trends. Just because adult coloring has become a thing doesn’t mean she has to do it. She might be happy with garden. She brings a different perspective to picture.

They grow by building others around them

She constantly encourages you, makes others around her look and feels good, she celebrates their achievements and never asks for being the center of attention.

They are good with stress

In tense situations, she knows how to deal with stress. She won’t ever let the stress show up on her face. She is calm and relaxed.

They are good with FOMO

She is not always around letting an air of mystery to her vibe. She will sometimes stay in for a night out that only makes others want more.