How to Save Money Today To Be Rich Later


Who doesn’t want to be rich? Everybody wants financial security, no money troubles, no mortgage and so on. But only a few of us can end up being a millionaire. But there are ways you can save up money today to afford an early retirement or even work part time and live comfortably.

Let’s take a look at how you can save money today to be rich later.

Negotiating bills

If you have a regular bill from a company such as for insurance, phones, cable and credit card you should start contacting them to negotiate their prices. You can tell them how you are being offered a best deal elsewhere, so they might be able to negotiate a suitable price for you, especially if you are a loyal and long term user. And if you end up not receiving the best deals you can opt for switching providers.

Cancel the unnecessary subscriptions

We are persuaded by many companies to pay for monthly subscriptions and it makes us feel we might use them as we are paying for it. But it only consumes our bank balance. You need to really contemplate the need for these subscriptions. These subscriptions could be your magazine subscriptions, gym membership, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Shop from retailers who offer rewards

You are aware of the strategy of retailers of making customers keep coming back to them by offering coupons, discounts and even freebies. You can generate an email id specifically addressed for these programs to track them better and shop according to the deals they offer. The online retailers that offer best prices are eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

Avoid any quick money promises online

Rather embarrassing it is stupid to fall for online scams that claim anyone can earn thousands a month by just a single click on the link or by investing a couple of hundreds. This is similar to fake ads on diet pills and online gambling.

Stop purchasing branded products

We all fall for buying stuff influenced by fancy marketing. The products might not be any different from the supermarket brand version. The supermarket versions are quite affordable and come at reasonable prices.

Never spend just to keep up with others

Maybe you envy when you see your neighbors pull a stunning car, but think of it do you really need it? Material possessions cannot define your success in life or cannot fulfill your life. Only be satisfied in the things you need today and work hard to reap good rewards in the future.

Prepare food at home

Eating out can be very expensive especially the drinks you order with your meal. You can cut out this expense by inviting people over for dinner for any celebrations and take your lunch with you to work. Hosting house parties will lower the amount that gets spent when going out.

Automate your finances

Automate finances to deduct all your bill payments directly from your bank accounts. Organizing helps you have a more realistic understanding of your budget in a month and how you can save.

Sell your belongings

You can sell your clothes, cosmetics or even household items to declutter and earn a bit or spare money. You can consider listing on eBay or garage sale etc. We all have things we don’t need or sparingly use; this is how you can make use of them.

Maintaining your car

You can always walk, carpool or use public transport to save money. But if there’s no option for you other than using your own car for your daily commuting you need to consider a few things. Your car should be fuel efficient, should have regularly cleaned air filters, tires should be inflated and rotated and always check the water and oil levels.

Put in hours in something and save what you earn

Most of the times, it is impossible for a full-time job worker to get time to do anything else, especially if you are a more social life. Still, if you are someone who finds additional hours even after completing the work hours you could use the time to freelance, teach or mentor, sell products online or even find a weekend job if you are free on weekends.

These are small changes that do not alter your lifestyle but push you further to save more efficiently with your earnings.