Most Romantic Getaways in Europe


Romance is the expression of love and it can be in different forms for different individuals. For some couples enjoying the rains in a plantation based hotel can be romantic. And for some others strolling on a beach can be extremely romantic. No matter what your preferences are, here is a list of the most romantic getaways in Europe.

For couples who are looking for a destination that is very romantic with the magical environment and are hopeless romantic themselves check out the list below.

1. Santorini, Greece

The mesmerizing white-washed buildings with domed roofs colored in blue, above the Aegean Sea and glaring sun in Santorini is likely to make you dumbfounded. Countless couples come to Santorini to share this romantic sight. Oia beach is a beautiful place to be at. To reach the Ammoudi Bay you will have to take 200 steps. But the soft sands under the bright sun with warm blue waters will help in unwinding for you and your partner.

2. Fussen, Germany

If you feel romance is something to experience in a castle visit Fussen. At the end of the theme route Romantic Road which is around 249 miles, is Fussen. You come across the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is compelling fairy tale-like castle. So much appealing of a castle that Disney had based its Sleeping Beauty Castle designs on this castle.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Everything about the capital of the happiest country on earth, Copenhagen is enthralling. The walk along the waterfront is effortlessly romantic. It is fascinating to experience the cafes that are city’s most sophisticated. Gratifying hot coffee with delicious pastries to devour makes the whole experience more amorous.

4. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The dramatic landscape of the Isle of Skye leaves you captivated and impresses you with all its otherworldly environmental beauties. The magnificent terrain with rough mountain ranges, dynamic lochs, and spectacular waterfalls makes it a nature-made romantic destination. You can hike to the Old Man of Storr or take a wild swim at the Fairy Pools.

5. Lapland, Finland

If you dream of romance under the dancing northern lights then Lapland is your ultimate destination. You will forget everything with just the view of the dancing luminous blue and green hues floating above you. With cozy log cabins providing saunas your romantic getaway is complete.