These ridiculous laws from around the world you didn’t know still exists


The world is a crazy place and its laws are even crazier. People who love travelling should always remember these weird laws for saving themselves from humiliation.


Here, woman during sex shouldn’t stay on the top, as it is considered highly illegal.


In china, person should be intelligent enough before going to college, as it is a strict law to be followed by the citizen there.


Here, singing loudly after the sunset is highly illegal.


In Dubai, having extramarital sex is highly restricted and against the laws. One could end up going to jail for over a year. And according to this it means in rape cases, the perpetrator and the victim might end up going to jail.


Farting in public places is illegal on Thursday after 6 pm.

Turin, Italy:

Dog owners here are supposed to take their dogs on a walk for at-least 3 times in a day.

Victoria, Australia:

A person cannot change the light bulb if he is not a licensed electrician.


Marrying a dead person is considered illegal.


If a kid below 15yrs is found cheating in exams, he would be jailed.

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Hong Kong:

Law in Hong Kong permits wives to kill her faithless husband if he’s found cheating. However, she should kill her with her bare hands.


Dropping gum on the streets and leaving house without wearing underwear is illegal and the person who breaks the rule has to pay fine of $600.


In Greece, police arrests the HIV positive victims and they are restricted of going to public places. They are also prohibited from staying at their homes.


One can get married to his/her cousin only when both of them are more than the age of 65.


Being overweight is highly restricted in Japan.


Chewing gums are strictly prohibited by the government since the year 1992.

Minnesota, USA:

Hanging male and female underwear together on the same washing line is strictly restricted.

Saudi Arabia:

Women voters were restricted from casting their votes until the last year.


It sounds funny but here, forgetting wife’s birthday is a crime.


A man with mustache is not allowed to kiss a woman openly in public as it is illegal there.


This sounds strange but people are arrested for making bad faces at a dog.