When recruiter asks why you left you previous job


The question “why did you leave your previous job?” is the constant one. It is a 99% guarantee that this question will be asked by the interviewer. Sometimes the answers are easy and can be answered in a go, Such as when you leave your job so as to complete your training or your internship. There can even be a few variations in the similar questions.

Why do interviewers ask these kinds of questions?

Your reason for leaving your previous job is always applicable for a prospective employer. Check out what your interviewer is looking for.

He might be asking you to know about your work values:-

Your reason of leaving says a lot about your personality. At times not being appreciated at work is a great reason to quit your job, but this might be compared with your ability and skills. So it might cost you your job.

Have you left your job on a good term or not:-

If you say that you are still in touch with your previous boss then it will describe you as a good employee and a person with good relationship skills.

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Did you leave voluntarily or were you thrown out:-

If you were thrown out then was it because of your performance or because there are some trust issues.

Have you left for a good reason:-

The employer would have trust issues and he would think if he can hand over all the responsibilities over you.

How to answer Why you left your last job?

If you are not working anywhere recently then this answer would be a crucial one for you. It is not fair though but employers make their own opinions for unemployed candidates. They think if you are good enough then how come you weren’t snapped by some other employer.

You have to give an answer which not 100% positive as either it’s the company or it was you who was wrong. So keep your answers ready for this situation. Remember one important thing, don’t trash talk about your previous employer.