Reasons Why You Should Go Bold At Work


There is two type of working people, the risk-averse and the risk-takers. The risk-averse are the people who mind rules while the risk-takers are who try to push boundaries to move ahead.

The risk-averse are exceptional employees who even achieve great success as they are predictable and reliable but stay in their comfort zone sticking by the rules. However, they miss the opportunities that risk takers get. Risk-takers go beyond and achieve more than what is asked of them.

Risk-takers, well, take risks at work and are bold. They invest time in doing a project that no one asked them to perform; bypassing boss, and taking an executive decision considering what is needed. To do all these at work is quite risky and unsafe.

Let us take a look at why you should take a risk at your 9 to 5 job.

You can avoid feeling bored

You can stick to the routine by playing safe. Go to work, check your emails, finish some callings, update the data and never mind others business.

Or, correspondingly, do a little extra. Take the lead and attend a client’s call. You could go against the agreements in a meeting and present a different point of view. There is a thrill you feel when you step out of your comfort zone at work.

You may even discover something new that you enjoy by taking up a new project which you couldn’t have found otherwise.

You will catch your boss’s attention

Perhaps your team is struggling with dysfunctional system or process by the leadership of your manager. Perhaps you can stick by it and suffer along or map out a better team process. Commit to prepare a presentation and present it your boss or boss’s, boss.

You run the great risk of offending the significance of your boss and is quite an unconventional idea. But you stand the opportunity to gain attention. No matter what happens, if your idea gets implemented or not, you surely reveal yourself as a powerful employee who has the capability to think for solutions.

Such risks align with the benefits of you as well as your team which helps you position yourself as a leader. You display the kind of rare leadership and invaluable skills that a company desires.

Build a brand of Innovation

It takes creativity to involve some risks. You need to step outside the mainstream and generate an original thought.

Perhaps there is a project or task that has been conducted by others but you think that you can do it differently and better then, speak up. It is a great concern for your career.

Hence, when you suggest a new method, find a better way to customer satisfaction or simplify a complicated process you become an innovator. The more innovations you suggest, the more people will find you reliable and credible for new ideas. Your value increases at the same time as an employee.


It is beneficial if you are happy with your job that is safe and predictable. But if you wish to gain more opportunities than what your organization creates for you, you will have to take risks and go bold.