The Radiation from Your Cell Phone May Cause Cancer and Infertility


First guidelines for cell phone use has been released by The California Department of Public Health warning that the radiation from the device could be hazardous. They have released guidelines for how to reduce exposure to radiation from mobile phones and among the main concerns the chief one is the increase in the use of them over the years, especially among the children.

According to CDPH Director Karen Smith, some public health professionals and members of the public have their concerns regarding long-term, high exposure to the energy emitted by cell phones. Simple steps like not keeping your cell phone in your pocket and moving it away from your bed at night can be helpful in reducing exposure for both adults and children.

Some laboratory experiments and human health studies have suggested that there is a possibility of high use of cell phone to be linked with certain types of cancer or other health effects. It could include brain cancer, tumors of the acoustic nerve and salivary glands, headaches, effects on learning, memory, behavior, sleep, hearing and lower sperm count.

It is recommended in the guideline to keep the phone away from the body when not in use, for example, in a backpack. And keep the phones away while sleeping. You may even start using speakerphones or headsets to make calls rather than holding their phones to their heads.

According to the health agency, these are the things you can do to lessen the risk

Keep the phone away from the body

When you face weak signal reduce the cell phone use

Lessen the use of cell phones to download or upload large files or to stream audio or video.

At night keep the phone away from bed

Remove the headsets when not on call

Avoid usage of any products that claim block radio frequency energy as these can actually increase the exposure.

The Centers for Disease Control backs up that there are no scientific findings to provide a definitive answer to the question of whether cell phone radiation causes cancer. Most of the large studies that are documenting cancer rates haven’t found any significant evidence that the mobile phones we use raise cancer rates or have caused negative health issues. Given the widespread use of the cell phones, the cancer rates should have spiked if the usage of it was that risky.

Cellphones and other devices like the television or radios or even microwave ovens emit a kind of energy called the electromagnetic radiation or radio frequency energy. This type of radiation is actually weak and won’t damage any cells or DNA. Despite the uncertainty, the guidelines still press that the document is intended to provide guidelines for the people who want to decrease their own and their close one’s exposure to the radio frequency energy from cell phones.